Subsonic Eco Village

We at Subsonic Music Festival are committed to tackling waste created at our event. And this year we’re also aiming to inspire and empower our attendees to create impact on a much grander scale.

Introducing: the Subsonic Eco Village.

The Subsonic Eco Village is a brand new space where carefully selected stallholders will showcase their products, mission and vision, to engage our punters in conversations regarding sustainability and conservation. Topics like ocean conservation, single use plastic, ending coal mining in Australia and hemp uses will be addressed by our array of environmentally-passionate stall holders:

– Are bringing knowledge and 10 years experience on this versatile plant known to have over 50,000 uses, and that has served mankind for thousands of years.

No More Plastic

– Is offering the option on reusability helping us on tackling plastic pollution and face out single use plastic bt 2019.

The Ocean Conservation Pod

– Will be bringing an interactive display to help us truly understand the impact that plastic has on our oceans.

Lock the Gate Alliance

– Their mission is to protect Australia’s natural, cultural and agricultural resources from environmentally destructive mining, and to educate and empower all Australians to demand sustainable solutions to food and energy production.


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