DJ Galaktik started his career in mid-to-late 80s due to his love of music intertwining with self-expression - deejaying was a channel to reach and make people hear the story that he put together.

Always influenced and fascinated by early pioneers of electronic and progressive rock, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michael Jarre, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, and Eloy just to name a few. He felt at ease submerging into these sounds and exploring ways to tell a story.

From late-1988 he started to play in small clubs and underground parties pushing non-mainstream sounds to crowds at a time when dance music did not have genres as you find it today.

By early 1990s, Galaktik found himself connecting with early Goa/acid trance which he embraced. This then opened opportunities to connect with like-minded DJs and promoters.

After having played in clubs and underground parties for a few years, he had by then established close friendships with a group of aspirational people. This was the pivotal point where he merged trance and techno scene together - promoting parties which went on to be very successful.

For many years now, he has been continually finetuning his styles to give a unique experience to the crowd.

Performing for dance floors in most of the major festivals in NSW:

Regrowth, Dragon Dreaming, Subsonic, Earthdance, Awakening where he played alongside Australian and international headliners spanning 3 decades.

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