Mantra Collective

Founded in 2012 on the shared vision of pushing forward-thinking electronic music, Mantra Collective have distinguished themselves as a powerful force shaping Australia’s underground landscape. Remaining resolutely true to clear musical vision of quality minimalist sounds and strong artistic direction, Mantra Collective have successfully maintained a regular schedule of events across both Sydney and Melbourne, hosting local and international talent in warehouse parties, club nights, and one-off events in rare locations.

In 2018, Mantra Collective Records was launched as a platform for the creative expression of the sounds that have become synonymous with the Mantra Collective identity. Placing an emphasis on talent from the fertile Australian scene accompanied by artistic design that reflects the landscape, Mantra Collective Records vinyl-only catalogue is the materialisation of the dedication and passion of the Mantra Collective family.

Always looking firmly forward, Mantra Collective strives to explore the ever expanding sphere of possibilities within the creative community. Without limitations, Mantra Collective promises to explore new environments, concepts and themes, all while celebrating the talents of local and international performers at the top of their game. The future is bright and the journey is just beginning.

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