Jimmy Brus

Sydney native Jimmy Brus has been taking seekers, on musical sojourns for 13+ years. He is known for concocting soulful, progressive electronic dance journeys with intricacy elements and style. Jimmy has an unquenchable thirst for new music and a desire to find and forge real emotion within his sets. Continually defining a sound that compliments and expands upon his deep knowledge of underground club culture, and that is reflected in his music curation.

Jimmy grew up with a motown obsessed bass-slinging dad and a mum who always had her finger on the pulse. Being stuck in the middle of looking forward although idealising the past has fueled his musical mind from the beginning. "I started making mixtapes for myself at the age of 10 on Cassette and VHS. A pursuit I persue with reckless abandon to this day, when DJ'ing im always trying to give that extra special moment of hearing your new favourite tune. And putting it in a context befit of its grandeur".

Jimmy's sound sits frantically between Deep Tech house, Techno and Electronica with a touch of Soul infused Disco. An avid follower of pop music you will always hear strange and compelling re-edits mixed into artist's originals; music for trainspotters in the corner as well as the groovers up the front.

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