RAW Musik

Surrounded by good music the brazilian brothers have always been in touch with the happiness and the memories that music makes in people lifes, growing up in São Paulo with their Dad who is a songwriter and percussionist of Samba Enredo - a popular brazilian music style - they’ve always been influenced since a young age to play percussion instruments. There influences are very apparent in the music that they play now, through the groovy, solid percussive beats.

Based in Sydney for the past few years, the boys had so much influence from the scene which their a part now, With RAW project started early on 2020 both been playing at couple underground events building up their reputation around Sydney scene, familiar faces at SASH, Residents at Sutra Sunrise and part of Caramba Club a collective that also been building a solid space in the scene with take overs and collabs with brands and crews such as Breakfast Club Melbourne. Showcasing their unique style which consist of Minimal Tech, Micro House and Tech House never failing to bring an amazing energy to the dance floor.Always nice and smooth, in the groove. Simply a union of passion of music and good vibes by Raffa And Will.


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