James Russller

James Russller, a visionary live performance force in the realm of electronic music, offers a captivating auditory experience through improvised live performances and intricately designed DAW compositions. Hailing from the south coast of NSW, Russller's early love for music and technology motivated him to create his unique soundscapes.

Drawing inspiration from the universe around and in him, his incredibly beautiful studio and the rich tapestry of Melbourne and Wollongong, he seamlessly weaves elements of deep house, techno, and ambient genres to create entrancing musical odysseys. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative production techniques, he forges an emotional connection and movement within his audience.

As an artist committed to exploring genres and tempos, he consistently delivers fresh and engaging music. James’ career continues to grow, with high goals of a larger impact on the electronic music scene to inspire and engage audiences in live performance experiences.

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