Andrew Wowk

Andrew Wowk is a DJ, producer, radio host, promoter, and writer who has been active in the Eora (Sydney) electronic music scene for 20 years. First introduced to dance music culture through work experience at community radio station Rhythm FM at age 16, Andrew exudes a passion for and knowledge of music that is the result of years of experience.

As a DJ, Andrew has earned a reputation for refined technical skills and eclectic track selection. His tastes run the gamut of techno, house, breakbeat, drum & bass and jungle, electro, and leftfield electronica. But even with such a wide range of music at his disposal, he finds ways to combine these numerous sounds into a cohesive whole. Often focused more on telling a story or creating a particular feeling with his sets, he regularly moves fluidly across stylistic boundaries, preferring to find other similarities between tracks than just their genre.

His intelligent approach to DJing has led to him playing at some of Sydney and Australia's most well-respected clubs/events, both as a headliner and as a support act for international artists. He has also received international recognition, being invited to play guest sets at Circus Osaka in Japan, DEPTH and Train Car House Party in Seattle, as well as perform on 313.FM in Detroit, WNYU in New York, and provide mixes for Animal Instinct in Berlin, Fnoob Radio, and Error Sessions in the UK.

Outside of club DJing, Andrew also produces music under the alias End User License Agreement, which has been released on labels such as Extra Spicy, Biotech Recordings, Baroque Recordings, B&H Recordings, Communication Records, Monarch Recordings, and Late Night Music. His remix of Floor Twenty’s “Say My Name” and his original track “Chonk” were both featured in Beatport’s and Juno's best bass music releases from 2021. He also hosts a weekly radio show "Time To Track" on 2SER, regularly writes for both print and online media, and runs events covering the spectrum of underground dance music, featuring previous headliners such as Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Marcus Intalex, Regis, Hodge, Adriana Lopez, Djinn, SNTS, and Nastia Reigel.

Andrew is passionate about social and political issues and strongly believes in using music as a medium for addressing these issues. Much of the music he loves was originally created in tandem with social, cultural, and political movements, and he believes that contemporary music should also carry a message. To put this into practice, he launched Music For Change, a label which donates 100% of profits from all releases to various charities, alongside Jessica Tassone in 2021. Releases on the label have been supported by international artists such as Dave Clarke, Ani Klang, and Alchemist/Amy Kisnorbo, and played on rotation on local radio stations FBI Radio and 2SER.

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