Distinguishable darkness stylishly twisted with misty melodies, propelled by creamy roaring bass. Technical finesse, sagacious sequencing and indisputable flow manufacture Freya into a hypnotic heroine when conducting the electronic orchestra.


From grassroots gatherings through to major festivals including Halfmoon (Thailand), Earthcore, Maitreya, Dragon Dreaming, Elements, Earth Frequency and Mushroom Valley, Freya has sturdily struck Australia and beyond, landing her a title of label DJ for Stone Seed/Bassic Records.


With over 15 years of DJing throughout Oceania, Asia and the UK has paved the way for Freya to follow her deep passion for progressive, psychedelic, melodic and minimal techno.


Freya’s philanthropic endeavours for our canine companions are second to none, with her not-for-profit Woof Doof Events becoming a cornerstone of fundraising efforts throughout Melbourne’s dance music scene.

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