Lazy Suzan

Lazy Suzan has been exploring the fringes of the techno/bass spectrum since 2015, having supported Kangding Ray, Yussh, DJ Bone, Helena Hauff and Petar Dundov. Her sound is both playful and emotive, weaving misty meditations, delicate patterns and sub-heavy swirls into each auditory experience. Suzie has played in Tokyo's underground clubs, forest raves in BC Canada, and dusty dancefloors across her home turf in NSW, as well as hosting monthly transmissions on Nomad Radio with Subaske as part of their new project, Ear Contact. Invite inner exploration and psychic floatation across realms of the analogue and synthetic; the human and alien.

**applying as part of b2b set with Jas Peters through Ghostly night curation. Press shots coming soon.

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