Hailing from a well-known cradle of dance music called Belgium, Walrus has been assaulting our perceptions on club music with a fiery passion. A quixotic DJ with an idiosyncratic taste, Walrus is always willing to shift the scales, to radically surprise and to give us something profoundly new. Living in his own personal musical space, the Brussel-based DJ builds up tension in a way that is as serious as it is open minded.

Underpinned by a sincere appreciation and interest in dance music both old and new, Walrus takes the extra steps to place himself right in the middle of the action. Whether it is by his outsider label Basic Moves, which has been giving out adventurous dance music both old and new, or his work at local Brussels record shops Dr. Vinyl and Crevette Records, Walrus is hard at work to leave his mark. Penned by Resident Advisor as one of Belgium’s most excited locals, this praise is not based on hype, but dedication, sincerity and the simple fact you’re bound to feel his unique presence while standing in the middle of the dancefloor.

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