Erik is a well-known figure in Sydney's music scene, kjnown for his magnetic DJ sets and charming personality. 
He is deeply passionate about underground culture. As founder of Buffete, a creative powerhouse in his native country, Mexico, Erik has played a pivotal role in promoting and touring cutting edge artist across Latin America. Additionally, he is the curator of their Bsessions Podcasts, which showcases world class artists, as well as their subsequent vinyl record label Teffebu, where they collaborate with a select team of talented Japanese producers to form a one of a kind fusion. Erik's contribution extends through the music industry via his esteemed Elision and Weather Rec vinyl imprints. Via these outlets, he consistently upholds his artistic integrity and distinct style, with heavyweight producers releasing music that resonates with the minimal and house community. As a co-founding member of Roots in Australia, Erik has been actively involved in organising remarkable gatherings throughout Sydney, these events are fondly remembered and regarded as exceptional experiences. Erik's sound elegantly traverses a dynamic spectrum from Trip Hop to House and Techno. His sets are characterised by deep, infectious grooves that captivate audiences and create an immersive musical journey. Whether it's dance or downtempo, Erik's selections are always carefully crafted, reflecting his passion for quality music and his innate ability to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Overall, Erik's contributions to Sydney's underground culture, his involvement in various creative endeavours, and his distinct musical style have solidified his reputation as a respected figure in the local scene.

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