Tristan Case

Tristan Case, is a UK born, Sydney, based producer and DJ. The renowned, long-time Return To Rio resident DJ has been unveiling a series of

stunning solo musical creations since 2020 to take his career to the next level. His first

solo release was an epic 6-track EP titled ‘Chapter One’, which Tristan

released under Behrouz and Megan Nazari’s dream-weaving Do Not Sit On

The Furniture label, hitting number one on the overall Beatport release chart, along with the number one in the Organic House genre in November 2020 and since Tristan has followed up with 12 top 100 tracks and two further number 1 releases. 2022 and 2023 is looking very exciting for Tristan, with several ep’s, singles and remixes already signed and confirmed for release on some of the global music scene’s finest & innovative labels.

Tristan’s passion for house music was first ignited as a young teenager living through the definitive golden era of the DJ mix compilation album in the mid-90s. As a semi-pro drummer from a very early age, playing the live music circuit in London and the South East of the UK, Tristan taught himself how to DJ on vinyl at the age of 16, opened his mind to the idea of pursuing a creative career, preceded by the time-honoured grounding and invaluable experience gaining path of first becoming a devout bedroom DJ, progressing to tear the roof off with his DJ sets at raucous house parties. After many years of dedication Tristan steadily established himself as a

key figure within the Sydney scene, which resulted in him earning the enviable role as one of the main residents for Australia’s melodic and progressive house institution - ‘Return to Rio’ in 2012 which continues to flourish to this day. Tristan is heavily relied on to consistently deliver flawless warm up & close sets for some of the globes heavy weights such as The Martinez Brothers, M.A.N.D.Y, Jodie Wisternoff, Super Flu, Patrice Baumel, SASHA, Digweed, Anthony Pappa, Dirty South and many more.


If you wanted to cram Tristan into a definitive musical box, it would be a decidedly colourful experience, encompassing deeply dreamy yet reassuringly tough, beautifully balanced, melodic, house music, with a distinctly progressive attitude. By incorporating live instrumentation to enhance his trademark highly complex melodies, Tristan’s penchant is to build very emotive, melancholic yet positive storylines within his tracks, backed with a distinctly unique round and powerful rhythm section, which results in incredible music that paints vivid pictures in the mind.


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