Alison Belle

Alison Belle is a talented Eora DJ hailing from the birthplace of Techno, Germany. With a highly refined taste in Dark, hypnotic, and raw techno, Alison has quickly established herself as a well-known artist in the Eora and interstate music scenes.

Influenced by the passionate music scene, Alison's career took off two years ago and since then she has created a distinctive flavour of sound across the Eora nation. Alison is not afraid to bend sounds of her preferred style of dark ambient techno through her sets, and often adds a touch of breaks or trance to keep the dance floor captivated.

Alison has had the opportunity to support some of the biggest names in techno, including Fjack, Christian Smith, Paola Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini, Cosmic Boys, Juliet Fox, ANNA, Stephan Bodzin, Andhim, Oliver Koletzki & Laura King. From festivals to club nights and warehouse parties, Alison's energetic sets have been a hit with audiences everywhere.

In addition to her DJing, Alison is dedicated to the underground music scene and has been working tirelessly on her music production and live sets. Her hard work has paid off, and she recently landed a gig at Australia's beloved underground music festival, Bohemian Beatfreaks.

Keep an eye on Alison Belle, as her journey is full of surprises and she is always prepared for what's next. With her passion for music and dedication to her craft, there's no doubt she will continue to make waves in the techno world for years to come.

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