Hailing from the depths of the Pacific, Swisherman has since adapted to life as a land based animal whilst not forgetting his roots below sea level.

Since his adaptation, Swisherman has been providing the vibe at a variety of warehouse parties, abandoned spaces, dusty dancefloors and the occasional legitimate venue in and around Sydney, Australia. He is a resident DJ for party collective DUNJ as well as local label Post Pluto, and has had recent appearances in the early hours of outdoor festivals including Dragon Dreaming, Earth Frequency, Subsonic, Psyfari, Armada, Art Valley, Zenith Gathering, Origins Of Entropy, Serenity Now and Wierd.

Swisherman is a core member of DUNJ, a crew who throw parties in abandoned and unused spaces around Sydney. This is where he gets to show off the deeper and darker side of his music collection.

Swisherman is also one half of Mood Support, a project focusing on the more downtempo and experimental music collections that exist away from the dancefloor.

Swisherman is inspired by misty mornings, home built sound systems and plants that grow in the gutter. His DJ sets explore the more deep, minimal and meditative side of the electronic music spectrum. With an emphasis on low frequency vibrations, Swisherman will create a cinematic sound bath to envelope your body and your mind.

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