Shaped by a founding set of musical beliefs and an unquestioning faith in the deep, melodic & progressive sound he creates, Amháin transports listeners on a voyage of discovery enveloped in atmosphere and energy. Adapting and evolving, unencumbered by convention or expectation, Amháin is the epitome of innovation, flair and dedication in the continuously shifting world of modern electronic music.

Performances at some of the leading global festivals are a testament to this success, as Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and Rainbow Serpent have all witnessed Amháin’s immaculately crafted sets. Able to translate those skills to the more intimate club environment, Berlin’s Sisyphos and Los Angeles’ Pattern Bar are prominent names on a polished resumé.

A nascent production career is equally notable as a growing portfolio of high-class production material has seen recent signings to the Iconic Melbourne-based Vapour Recordings and Meanwhile Recordings.

2023 has begun in no less impressive fashion with a standout reworking of Erdi Irmak’s “Walls” for Proton Music as his production career continues to gather momentum with many exciting new releases across 2023 and beyond.

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