Crooked Colours

Balance leads to bliss. Extracting harmony from the union of seemingly disparate elements, Crooked Colours exist at an elusive crossroads between delicate acoustic instrumentation, evocative vocals, and dancefloor-ready synth transmissions. The Australian trio—Phil Slabber [vocals, guitar, production], Leon Debaughn [keys, production], and Liam Merrett-Park [drums]—could just as easily soothe a quaint coffeehouse or a chaotic club. Generating over 50 million streams, selling out shows on multiple continents, and garnering looks from ThisSongIsSick, NME, and more, the group further sharpen this shape-shifting sound on a series of singles and their forthcoming debut for Atlantic Records.

“You can listen to us when you wake up, when you party, or when you’re down and, hopefully, we’ll bring you back up,” exclaims Leon. “We’ve always thought our sound suits all manners of time.”

“It’s a utility vehicle,” smiles Liam. “You can listen to it at 3AM when you’re having an absolute rave or sip your morning coffee to it.”

In order to fulfill this vision, each member drew on a dynamic musical history. With dad a music teacher, Liam studied classical piano, clarinet, and drums. Meanwhile, Leon learned piano from his mom before picking up the decks and DJ-ing parties throughout high school. Eventually, he bought his first synths and started tinkering. At the same time, Phil developed his chops as a self-taught singer-songwriter by busking and performing at local dives. Introduced by mutual friends at a pub, Leon and Phil decided to jam. Inviting Liam behind the kit for their first gig, Crooked Colours came to life in 2013. Bonding over inspirations such as Jaime xx, Caribou, The Presets, Bag Raiders, and more, they carefully crafted a style of their own.

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