What is it, to sit?….. Long enough that you can begin to truely feel yourself? To be connected to your spirit well enough so that you can resonate with what’s happening around you? To be inspired? To inspire. To bring yourself home to… Your true identity.

Meet keeto. A man with a deep appreciation for all styles of music, believing that there’s a time and place for every genre. An enthusiasm toward art, creativity and expression. A relationship with frequency that is personal and unique, keeto’s aim is to use sound as healing mechanisms to sooth your soul.

With an unorthodox/no rules approach to his work, enjoying deep dense bass lines and intricate percussion, fuelled by the likes of prok and fitch, east end dubs, Josh butler, leaning towards darker moods, his aim is to present a diverse sonic landscape, allowing space to let go, connect to your self and feel alive.

Leading with love and compassion for humanity.

Meet keeto.

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