Grouch encompasses the audible tales of New Zealand born producer Oscar Allison.

Forging his signature style by merging four to the floor rhythms and minimal psychedelia with maximum dancefloor effect, catapulted Grouch into global stardom, putting him at the vanguard of psychedelic electronica.

Touring almost non-stop since 2011, Grouch’s career is highlighted by festival performances at Glastonbury (UK), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Boom (Portugal), Ozora (Hungary), Fusion (Germany), Burning Man (USA), Oregon Eclipse (USA), Boomtown Fair (UK), Tree Of Life (Turkey), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), holding strong countless crowds of 20,000-30,000+ eager revelers.

With seven full length albums as well as endless EPs, singles and remixes under his belt, Grouch has formed an immense cult following for his independent work, alongside releasing through household name imprints Zenon, Iboga, Shanti Planti and Merkaba Music.

Include collaborating with the orb, gaudi, perfect stranger, juno reactor

From his upbringing in the breathtaking vistas of Aotearoa / New Zealand, to years spent immersing himself into the local cultures of Mauritius and India; from performing at the prestigious KoKo London theatre supporting his musical inspirations OTT and The All Seeing Eye, to his humble yet deep love for graphic and motion art; these endless expanses of life experiences are plunged into the melting pot of inspiration for Grouch.

Experimenting and mastering with various styles of music and encompassing them in an original and unmistakable essence, has led Grouch to be one of the most in-demand producers and performers in the alternative electronic music scene today.

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