JPS, also known as The Operatives, is a prominent figure in Melbourne's music and arts scene. With a passion for underground sounds and cultural diversity, JPS has made significant contributions as a DJ, producer, promoter, and curator.

Beginning his journey in the early 2000s, JPS quickly established himself as a key player in the Australian electronic music landscape. His artistry extends far beyond the confines of his studio and the pulsating energy of his DJ sets.

As the founder and visionary behind The Operatives, a collective that unites musicians, tours, and the infamous Espionage events, he spearheads a movement that elevates electronic music across Australia to unparalleled heights. The renowned collective, events platform, record label, management, design and consulting company that has consistently pushed boundaries and championed forward-thinking music across genres like hip-hop, bass, future beats, and experimental sounds. The clandestine gigs organized by The Operatives offer a clandestine world of awe-inspiring live performances, accompanied by mind-bending visuals, all tucked away in secretive locations scattered throughout the city. The Operatives consistently brings groundbreaking artists that Australian audiences have never before witnessed to their shores.

Beyond his work as a curator, JPS is also an accomplished DJ and producer, renowned for his dynamic sets that blend genres and defy conventions. His music releases have garnered acclaim and further solidified his status as a tastemaker.

With his unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and nurturing artistic talent, JPS continues to leave an indelible mark on Melbourne's vibrant music and arts community.

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