Billsbry is the musical alias of Eora / Sydney based solo artist, Charlie Billsberry-Fisher. Exposed to a lot of rhythm based music from an early age, Billsbry naturally gravitated towards drums / percussion as his first instrument of choice, followed by guitar, bass, and vocals. The rhythmic dominance in Billsbry’s instrumentation and playing style is a direct result of his innate connection with all things rhythm.

Starting out experimenting with instrumental psychedelic music, Billsbry’s sound has progressively evolved incorporating soul, jazz and experimental soundscapes to his repertoire, along with discovering his own voice.

In a live setting, Billsbry showcases his unique blend of genres using an electric guitar, drum sampler and a handpicked selection of boutique guitar pedals to craft his original songs through multi textured layering that then becomes the vehicle for his vocals floating atop.

With a wealth of experience on the festival circuit appearing on line ups such as Wide Open Space, Lost Paradise, Dragon Dreaming, Tanglewood, Subsonic + many more cultural and bespoke events, Billsbry is quickly forging a name for himself amongst the Australian music scene.

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