Tijuana Cartel

Tijuana Cartel, the renowned Australian musical collective celebrated for their pioneering fusion of diverse genres, proudly presents their latest masterpiece, Alectura. This innovative album once again showcases the band’s expertise in blending organic house and melodic house with captivating rhythms, beats, and global influences.

For the key creative forces behind the band, Paul George and Carey O'Sullivan, Alectura serves as a testament to their profound musical connection and shared vision. Their collaboration has flourished over time, and this maturity resonates throughout every note of the album.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Paul George reflects on the creative process, stating, "The creation of Alectura has been a captivating journey. We think this album weaves together so many different musical styles and pushes the boundaries of our artistic horizons. It stands as a true embodiment of our collective passion and mirrors our growth as musicians, collaborators, and friends."

Carey O'Sullivan, the man behind beats, keys and stunning visuals that accompany a live show adds, "Working with Paul on Alectura has been a truly enriching experience. Our co-writing relationship has evolved remarkably, allowing us to explore new creative territories, experiment with new sounds, and compose an album that reflects our musical ethos."

Alectura offers an immersive experience, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its exceptional sonic landscapes, whether amidst a pulsating dancefloor or in the tranquillity of their own space, ensnared by the intricacy of the album's layers. O'Sullivan explains, "As an album, Alectura caters to both those who seek to dance and those who yearn to drift away. You can surrender yourself to the beat or you can get lost in your headphones, letting the music carry you away. It's designed to cater to every mood and moment."

Tijuana Cartel eagerly awaits the response from their devoted fans and the broader music community to Alectura. " We can't wait to share this album that epitomizes our extraordinary musical journey. We hope that our fans will connect with it, and the journey we’ve had the past couple of years creating it as deeply as we have," says George.


Aussie band, Tijuana Cartel, has established itself as a distinctive musical entity through their innovative fusion of diverse genres. Combining electronic music production with a rich tapestry of world sounds, they have crafted a unique sonic landscape that captures a broad spectrum of global influences.

Formed by Paul George and Carey O'Sullivan, Tijuana Cartel found their roots in the underground venues of the Gold Coast, Australia. George and O'Sullivan, along with live percussion from Byron Bay’s Sheila Finke, and joined by a collective of the hottest trumpet players in the country including Josh Sinclair, Tristan Rogers and Eamon Dilworth, the band are renowned for their mesmerizing live performances. Their shows consistently deliver a powerful amalgamation of layered soundscapes and rhythmic intensity.

Having graced some of Australia's largest stages, Tijuana Cartel has curated an east-meets-west wonderland for audiences in search of sensory stimulation, euphoria, and the driving force of fat beats and bass-fuelled electronica. Their sound embodies high-energy, guitar-driven world music, appealing to indie, electronic and roots music fans alike.

Beyond their national success, Tijuana Cartel has also become a familiar name on the international festival circuit. Taking their captivating performances across Europe and the USA, they have left their mark on stages worldwide. In Australia, they have been celebrated performers at major events, including Peats Ridge, Splendour in The Grass, Byron Bay Bluesfest, Woodford, Falls Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Wave Rock, WOMAD, and numerous others.

Tijuana Cartel's journey has been marked by a dedication to crafting a distinct musical identity through the fusion of genres and embracing diverse cultural influences. Their measured approach to creativity has garnered them a loyal following and acclaim in both domestic and international music scenes.

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