Dave Stuart

DJ bios are terrible things... so let me just tell you a few things about myself and we'll leave it at that?

I'm Dave Stuart and im that DJ / Record Store owner & event promoter from Sydney. I've plied my 'craft' through the best & worst times on Sydney's nightlife and im still as passionate about what I do as the night I first set foot in a DJ booth.

Every part of searching for music to stock at our shop, finding tracks to fit in my dj sets, and figuring out which dj's to book & when for our events gives me reason and purpose and I enjoy every second of it.

As a dj I love the deeper dubbier cuts of records, and most of my dj sets show this side of me, for those of your that like to categorise things via genres then feel free to pigeon hole me as a dj that plays dub techno, minimal house, tech house, deep house, and techno.... so yes all the bollocks. But I try as best I can to adhere to some sound advise that a Dj much better than myself once gave me; “its not what you play, its when and how you play it”. And that simple sentence has influenced how I approach my dj'ing. Aside from playing in Sydney for what seems like forever I regularly visit Europe to play and have been known to play in the usual haunts including; Tresor / Globus, ://about blank , Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Golden Gate, Chalet and Griessmuehle, Secktor – Dresden, & more.

When it comes to events I have been running in parties in Sydney for over a decade and am co-founder of Something Else, which has somehow managed to stay running (mostly in a weekly format) since 2014 but we've been around longer than than in other guises....Something Else has a house & techno vibe and again if you need to know names..... we've had the likes of djs like; Vlad Arapasu / Ada kaleh, Silat Beksi, Eric Cloutier, Vril (Delsin / Giegling) Patrice Scott (Sistrum), DJ DEEP (Deeply Rooted / Fr), Norman Nodge (Ostgut Ton), Answer Code Request.... you get the idea right?

In 2018 Something Else expanded and opened a record store under the same name, Something Else Records is based in Sydney's suburb of Newtown and is focused primarily on similar sounds that you would find at the Something Else and similar like mind parties around Sydney. Something Else Records proudly carries exclusively electronic music across the house, techno and electro spectrum

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