Manu Neves

“Since 2014 Manu brings her energy to clubs and parties along the eastern seaboard of Australia as well as her home land Brazil. She is currently living in Sydney.

She is a well known DJ in the country, graduated in Audio Engineer at SAE Institute, recently released her track "Time" on Space Kraft Recordings and is currently producing a number of tracks yet to be released.

Manu Neves has been constantly playing in the biggest clubs and Festivals of Australia doing often interstates and have recently done an Australian Tour.

She draws her inspirations from a variety of tastes creating a unique style and combining influences between Melodic and Techno. Her biggest references are Clap Codex, GrooveAndYes and Cosmic Boys as well as her melodic side such as Miss Monique and Stereo Express.

“I have passion in see people’s senses while listening to my music bringing their deepest emotions and consequently bringing mine too.”

Manu Neves is also owner of the label MINDSET based in Sydney, with a partnership with Ravi Luchesi, also DJ/Producer.

With this level of passion Manu Neves will be taking us on a journey surely not to be missed”

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