Newy Bass Crew

Newy Bass Crew is a DJ collective out of of Mulubinba (Newcastle, Australia), comprised of DJs Dread Maiden, KreliaS, Whompus, VUDUU, Z4, Pharmakos, Cressy, Umbra, Moke, and Boxedjellyfish. Our collective is dedicated to fostering a community founded on love, compassion, inclusivity, and freedom of expression.

Our mission is to unite like-minded bass enthusiasts in secure environments, utilizing various genres such as drum and bass, jungle, glitch, dubstep, breaks, garage, bassline, bass house, and footwork to spread love and positive energy.

While major cities across Australia boast thriving bass scenes, the regional country areas have long yearned for a resurgence. Post the challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdowns, these areas are now experiencing a renaissance, evolving into a hotbed of distinctive events and innovative approaches to electronic music.

In 2021, we established a connection with Tassone at Cabin Fever Crew. This affiliation led to a collaboration on the radio show, "Cabin Fever Sessions," which aired on the Eora-based station, Orbital Radio. From December 2021 until early 2023, during our co-hosting tenure, we endeavored to present a rich and diverse array of bass DJs and producers hailing not only from our local region but beyond.

Upon the closure of Orbital Radio, we embarked on a new venture in collaboration with Newcastle Music Show. This venture entails curating an exciting radio show with an unwavering focus on showcasing the finest local bass music talent.

In 2023 Newy Bass Crew joined forces with Cabin Fever Crew and Particle Sound System to bring the iconic jungle and drum and bass luminary, Dillinja, to Eora (Sydney, Australia). Over the past 18 months, our collective has orchestrated a myriad of distinctive events, ranging from immersive doofs to rooftop parties, club events, and artist showcases.

Moreover, we have initiated a compelling weekly guest mix series, providing a prominent platform for artists across Australia and beyond. This series not only serves to spotlight diverse talent but also fosters connections with like-minded individuals, nurturing a vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts.

Our focus is on honoring the unconventional, the imaginative, and the underground. We strive to illuminate the extraordinary talents within rural landscapes and remote regions, where music seamlessly intertwines with nature, embodying a celebration of both artistry and the earth.

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