Lunar Disco

Lunar Disco has been gently percolating on the stove for quite some time. According to the duo behind the moniker – and that’s husband and wife Australian singer/ songwriter Kate Elsworth and French DJ/producer Nicolas Blistène. Signed on labels such as Kattermuke, Abracadabra, & Kindish, Lunar Disco continue their strong progression as artists with their recent debut on renowned club music imprint Crosstown Rebels with their EP ‘Devils Hands. This exquisite composition, boasting a singular track and three remixes by heavyweight producers Luciano, Audiofly, and a collaborative club mix with TAYA., exemplifies their prowess. An ultimate acknowledgment arrived when their ‘original mix’ earned the coveted title of ‘Essential New Tune’ on BBC1 radio show hosted by Pete Tong.

Lunar Disco is an exciting modern disco proposition translating into “a cool new version of synth wave”. When it comes to the music, there are no limits to specific genres and in fact this is probably the best way to describe their performances: mixing their own tracks with some of their moment favorites from part of their 20 year music collection, LUNAR DISCO propose a refreshed version of the art of deejaying, moving from genre to genre and presenting their own productions as a HYBRID LIVE SHOW (vocal) through which they will explore a deep and cosmic sound brushed with some pop & disco flavour.

As if this wasn’t enough, the duo also started their own party brand called “Suck My Disco”, a non-seriously taken concept which neatly sums up the 70’s to the 90’s Playboy-style ethos, a platform that pretends not to pretend. SUCK MY DISCO is also the name of their new music label. in which they have been releasing their own originals, along with a surprise remix(er) on every EP.

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