Ben Booth

Ben Booth is an enigma, veiled in mystery, surrounded by intrigue and sometimes covered in chocolate. As a DJ superstar, his success has been as meteoric as it has been anonymous. He has scaled the heights of fame and notoriety whilst, extraordinarily, attracting not quite as much of the spotlight or the accolades such attributes usually acquire...

Eclectically melding deep rolling house, chunky beats, dirty, funky, shameless, remix-grooves and random resonances so carefully curated that they make you go “Yeah, baby spank me some more!", Ben completely ignores the genre prejudiced, musical style gurus, and as a result, a delicious chaos ensues whenever he goes anywhere near the controls, taking to dance floor management like a killer whale to seal pups... Like the apex predator, Ben's DJ persona continues to maintain his status in the upper echelons of the underground scene.

Guaranteed also is his musical selection - and he is equally at home crafting silky warm-up slots, building an empty room to a gyrating crescendo of sweaty limbs and wailing trippers, as he is at blowing minds whilst headlining the bill.

Ben is a man who can draw and control a crowd going to the petrol station to get a pack of Doritos.

He enjoys a solid and loyal following and those who know and love his musical chemistry will attest that his sets (like his cooking) are always tantalising - and he’s always willing to share his spoon, or let you lick the bowl - or Booth...

Ben's musical interests find him spinning deep, chunky, rolling house, bouncy tech and minimal and progressive tunes, but.. he has a softer side too and he loves melodic harmonies, worthwhile breakdowns, funk, soul and reggae.

He enjoys funny cat videos and giving head (and shoulder massages) to random strangers.

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