Dom Diaz

Dom Diaz is a potent blend of Hiphop and Soul grooves mixed with Latin and Afro beat flavours, delivered through pure showmanship. His music speaks of his journeys through love, finding one's self and empowerment. Dom’s multi-instrumentalist talents, infectious vibe and ability to command the stage will have you grooving along and craving more.

Dom Diaz offers nothing less than a vibrant explosion of energy. With flavours of upbeat Funk and Soul, doused in a thick sauce of Afro Latino Hiphop energy, he tantalises the crowd and gets any audience grooving.

His multi-instrumentalist abilities will leave your jaw dropped and your thighs sore from the boogie, and you wanting more after each song. Whether it's the sound of his Trumpet echoing through the dance floor, his melodious voice souring over the beat or his contagious positive vibe leading the musical journey, Dom Diaz will make you move and be moved 1000% guaranteed.

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