Jason Spyrides

Jason Spyrides is a Sydney local and founder of the esteemed Addition by Subtraction.

He is the visionary behind the acclaimed vinyl label renowned for its discerning curation of house, tech house, minimal, and progressive house. Through this platform, Jason has consistently showcased an unwavering commitment to sonic excellence, earning him a revered place within the electronic music community.

As a selector, he has played around the globe including that of London and Barcelona, where his illustrious career has seen him sharing stages with luminaries such as Vitess, tINI, Diego Krause, Rich Nxt, Kepler, DJ W!LD, Djebali, Nick Beringer, T. Jaques, and Josh Baker.

Beyond his international endeavors, Jason Spyrides stands as an integral pillar of Sydney's vibrant music scene. Recent accolades include headlining the iconic SASH, solidifying his presence in the city's nightlife for numerous years. Jason's contribution extends far beyond the DJ booth; he is a visionary responsible for introducing esteemed underground artists to Sydney, hosting memorable events featuring talents like James Andrew from the UK, Nicolas Duque from Colombia, and Baldo from Barcelona under the banner of Addition by Subtraction.

In 2017, Jason Spyrides established Addition by Subtraction. This avant-garde label has become a sanctuary for vinyl aficionados and discerning music enthusiasts around the world. Jason's keen ability to identify rising stars have led to a roster that includes luminaries such as Voigtmann, Vitess, Chris Stussy, DJOKO, Michael James, Occibel Monika Ross, and Stephan Bazbaz to name a few. Moreover, his commitment to fostering local talent is evident through his unwavering support of artists like Nate S.U and Elijah Something, who find their voices amplified through his label.

Jason's festival pedigree is a testament to his profound connection with the global electronic music community. He has seamlessly integrated himself into the Victorian festival scene, delivering unforgettable performances at events like Bloc for the past three years. Closer to home, he has left a mark on the New South Wales festival circuit, gracing the stages of Break for the last two years with his captivating musical journeys.

As Subsonic Music Festival beckons, consider Jason Spyrides a distinguished ambassador of sonic storytelling, an artistic curator, and a guardian of dance floor magic. His application to participate in this esteemed festival is an opportunity to immerse festival-goers in a world where music communicates in the languages of the heart.

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