Mista Savona

Muti Music - Australia

Jake Savona, aka Mista Savona, is arguably Australia’s leading exponent of roots reggae and dancehall music, with major international releases under his belt and worldwide tours including festival appearances in recent years atGlastonbury (UK), Boom (Portugal), Sunska (France), OneLove (UK),Symbiosis (USA), Boomtown (UK) & many more.

Savona’s latest project, ʻHavana Meets Kingstonʼ, sees him working alongside legendary Cuban & Jamaican musicians for a world-first album & film project set in Havana, including Sly & Robbie, members of Buena VistaSocial Club, Los Van Van, Havana Cultura and more. The album is due for release in mid-2017, and the first single ʻCarnivalʼ (feat. Randy Valentine &Solis) is already making waves, with an introductory music video going viral.ʻCarnivalʼ is unique in that it is sung in both Spanish & English, and mixesCuban & Jamaican musical styles & language in a way never heard before.

For the last four years Savona has been working closely with US electronic label MutiMusic, releasing a series of unique remix and ‘versions’ EP packages that have been highly successful in crossing Savona’s collaborations intro the wider electronic music scene worldwide. Remixes from eminent artists such as Liquid Stranger, Benny Page, Gaudi, Stickybuds & many others have been making major impacts on the global airwaves (including BBC & Rinse FM) as well as the festival & club circuit.These EPʼs have been a huge cross-genre success, with several critics evenhailing the single ʻIʼm Livingʼ as ʻthe no.1 reggae tuneʼof the year in 2013.

For ten years Mista Savona has been working hard on building bridges between Australia and Jamaica’s fertile music scenes. J Mag described Savona’s album ‘Warn The Nation’ (2011) as “Australiaʼs definitive reggae album” and the Sydney Morning Herald defined it as “fantastic…authentic…the most incredible reggae album”. His pioneering “MelbourneMeets Kingston” (2007) was a magnificent 21 track tour de force – the first ever album length collaboration between Jamaican and Australian musicians.The album was described as “a landmark for Australian music – this is the first time an Australian producer has worked extensively with big-nameJamaican artists over a full-length album. More importantly, it is the strongest reggae & dancehall album produced in this country to date.” Jesse I (PBS)


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