Craig Richards

Fabric - UK

Record collector, label owner, producer, curator, visual artist, and one of the world’s most versatile DJs: Craig Richards has been involved in many creative pursuits throughout our 20-year history. As one of our prized founding residents, he’s played over 700 Saturday nights since we opened our doors in 1999. His highly individual late night sound crosses mind-bending techno and electro, dubby house, wiggly breaks, leftfield disco, and classic UK rave. It’s an approach that’s always engaged with the past and the future, and proved an instant success. His sets are the result of endless digging through electronic music’s deepest corners, and are always presented with a profound love for the craft and artistry of playing records on a proper sound system. His authentic vision has helped form our musical identity, and by inviting guests to play alongside him he shaped the sound of Saturday nights in EC1. His residency is one of the most significant in dance music history. But for all of these accolades he remains a resolutely unassuming character, utterly committed to playing music with belief. He represents everything that fabric stands for.

“Having a residency is a great luxury for a DJ who wants to explore musical possibilities. Versatility is key, as is the ability to respond to genre and a variety of guests. It’s been a wonderful journey staying in the same place. Playing week in, week out taught me to take risks, conquer fear and assume musical command of a room. The role of a resident is to provide stability and excitement in equal measure. The music itself must always be the most powerful force.” – Craig Richards


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