Craig Richards

Fabric - UK

Craig Richards studied at Bournemouth School of Art, St Martins School of Art and the Royal college of art from 1986 – 1992, since which time he has become a Record collector, Dj, music producer, visual artist and creative director of Houghton Festival. He can be described in many ways but most of all he is a storyteller. His ability to create a narrative in everything he does is the secret to his success. Unlike many of his contemporaries Craig achieved worldwide fame by staying in one place. His weekly residency  at Fabric in London is without question one of the most significant in dance music history .  As both Resident and musical director he not only defined the musical output of the worlds most famous club but in doing so helped shape British underground music. The influence of his  unique and uncompromising sound during  his early morning sets has reached far and wide. A versatile and meticulous craftsman who can adapt to any situation. After the closure and subsequent reopening of Fabric his  weekly residency is now reduced to monthly  in order to make space and time  for new projects. Whilst still playing records all over the world his primary focus is on creative projects –  Houghton festival, a painting show, The nothing special and Tuppence record labels, and an album to finish. More Craig recently has taken on the the role of curator bringing  his musical knowledge and expertise  to the environment of an art gallery. 2018 saw the creation of ‘I want to like you but I find it difficult’ held at Fondazione Prada in Milan. In this series the curatorial role involves Craig exploring contrast within music through juxtaposition.


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