Copycow/ Zenon - DE

Goa based Breger, is not one to sit still. As co-founder of the music label Copycow and Beatplantation festival in Germany, he has spent the last 15 years in support of the underground culture. While working as a resident DJ for Vortex nights in Goa, he collaborates with Manu Ferrantini on their live act Extra Mind and with Timboletti on the groovy pathways of the Cows. Apart from that he is part of Soupherb Records from India, helping to establish it as one of Asias’s top techno labels. Breger’s style varies from minimal to savage techno and refects his dark and groovy approach. His love for the psychedlic elements is evident in his productions and continues to inspire. Consistently exploring new sounds, Breger has a busy release schedule throughout 2019, in addition to worldwide bookings.


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