2015 Festival Lineup Announcement #2

SUBSONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2015 Artist announcement #2 25.08.15 Remember the game ‘Musical Chairs’, well this is nothing like it, it’s next level. In about 20 seconds into reading this line up announcement you will want to be holding onto your seat and your pants for great excitement, then forget about ever sitting down as your…
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2015 Festival Lineup Announcement #1

Subsonic 2015’s first lineup announcement is a sharp nod to our house & techno roots, a smattering of rhythmic eclecticism, and a mixture of both scene stalwarts and some of the hottest profiles at present. Leading the way into our first drop for ‘15 is German heavyweight Roman Flügel. Releasing under numerous monikers, co-founding labels…
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Festival Artist Announcement #4

It’s the drop you’ve been waiting for and not even one that Skrillex could craft in his wildest production dreams. It’s the announcement sweeter than any cake Steve Aoki can throw and it’s one of the finest ‘non-EDM’ line-ups of 2014! We can’t decide who is more excited for this; the artists or you? Everyone…
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Festival Artist Announcement #3

It’s around the world of music and back again, with the third release for Subsonic Music Festival 2014. Strap in, sit back and let’s get ready for the ultimate journey…. Clocking the heavy mileage from Sweden, is QUENUM, co-founder of Cadenza Records (with Luciano) and his partner in crime, CESARE vs. DISORDER, introducing us to their latest…
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Festival Artist Announcement #2

Excitement is ramping up nicely for Subsonic’s 2014 instalment, with a first release championing the likes of heavyweights James Holden & Ellen Alien. Our second release eclectifies & eccentrifies by adding a touch of soul into our selection spectrum, as well as reinforcing our house & techno roots. We announce NZ hip-hop & Pacifica music pioneers Che Fu & King…
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Francis Harris Mini Australian Tour September 2014

Forward thinking house producer and New York native Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper, Frank & Tony ) touches down on Australian shores for two highly anticipated exclusive shows in both NSW and Melbourne in just a few weeks time. Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper) has been kicking many a goal this last 12 months, with a critically…
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