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Introducing the Subsonic/42 below reusable Globelet cup system at Sub17!

“A new reusable cup system for a greener festival”


We’re excited to be launching a brand new reusable cup system at our festival this year. Introducing these cups will make an incredibly positive impact on the day to day experience for our patrons and will stop more than 20,000 disposable cups from going to landfill this year, reducing the environmental impact from virgin materials, transport emissions and the impacts involved with the manufacture.

Your bar cups are made in New Zealand and washed post-festival at the Globelet facility in Sydney using recycled water and water-efficient machines. Our new cups are light on impact but sturdy enough for a three-day festival.

How our new bar cup system works in 3 easy steps.

1. The customer comes to the bar and pays a one-off $3 deposit for the cup plus the cost of the drink. Your cup
is worth $1 so hold on to it!

2. Return your Globelet cup back to the bar when you’re ready for your next round and receive a fresh clean cup
filled with your beverage of choice. As long as you get to the bar with a Globelet cup you only pay for the
cost of the drink you’re purchasing.

3. Leaving our festival? Either keep your cup as a memorabilia or return it to the bar and receive $1 per cup.
You can bring as many cups to the bar as you like so keep your eyes open for abandoned cups and make yourself
a few extra bucks whilst doing something good for the planet. 🙂

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