Sustainability – do your bit

Subsonic Music is putting an enormous focus on tackling waste created at our festival as well as on overconsumption of non-recyclable items that can damage the plants and animals both in the ecosystem surrounding our beloved grounds at Barrington Tops. So please take the time to read our top 10 tips on waste reduction, and our waste management system below. Because these don’t have to just apply to your time at our gathering – you can do them everyday.

10 easy ways to reduce your waste at Sub19

Working together to achieve zero waste

1. Bring a reusable drink bottle. We have filtered water stations situated around our festival site for you to keep hydrated. So make sure to carry your reusable drink bottle with you whilst having fun in the sun and avoid chowing through dozens of plastic water bottles during your stay. Great options here.

2. Bring a reusable coffee cup or mug. You can walk up to any food station on our festival grounds and ask vendors to pour your purchased beverage into your reusable cup. How easy is that?

3. Ditch single-use plastic cutlery and plates and choose reusable utensils instead. It’s much nicer eating with a proper knife and fork and you cut down on a huge amount of single-use plastic waste while you’re at it. When you order, simply ask to have your food or drink put into your container, that way you won’t have any disposable items to get rid of. Awesome reusable bamboo cutlery and can be ordered here.

4. Use reusable bags when doing your festival shopping. And ask for a cardboard box if you’ve forgotten to bring them, then recycle the box when you’re done with it (or make a cat house out of it). It doesn’t have to be a daggy reusable bag, perhaps go for a nice linen one that doubles as a dirty clothes bag. Give things multiple purposes!

5. Pre-plan your meals and bring them in reusable containers. And bring small reusable produce bags for small food items. Reusable packaging will keep your foods fresher too. With a little menu planning you can also avoid bringing a cooler box and using plastic bags of ice, so think ahead and avoid bringing food that needs to be refrigerated. Pack a mini chopping block & towel to avoid reaching for pre-packaged pre-chopped foods in single-use plastic. It is so handy to have a tiny little board to cut on and a dish towel ready to wipe everything clean when you’re done.

6. Bring Fruit as snacks. And make sure it doesn’t come in silly single-use plastic wrapping. Use beeswax wrap instead, options here, here and also here..

7. Get familiar with what will be provided at the festival and be critical of what you really need to take with you. The less you bring, the less you’ll need to deal with at the end. If you can’t avoid packaging, choose goods packaged in easily recycled material and make sure it ends up in the recycling bags provided on our festival grounds.

8. Keep your site clean and tidy as you go. Make sure cigarette butts and other difficult waste items go in the correct bin. Research shows that people are more likely to litter in an already littered location, so please lead by example.

9. Pack up and take it all home to be reused. Anything you leave behind is litter and that’s an offence and you will be reported if you get caught littering. If you really don’t want items like your tent anymore, give them to a charity or find someone who would like to use them.

10. Ditch your car and carpool or take the Subsonic Music Festival bus instead. Use our FB page to connect with other attendees and reduce the carbon footprint of your journey in and out of the festival. Or use the train and catch an Urban bus from Broadmeadow train station to Subsonic Music Festival for just $50, or catch one from Sydney direct for $80. Book a bus here.

The Subsonic Waste Pack System

This year we will again be implementing our Waste Pack system to help you sort your waste correctly.

How it works:

Upon your arrival at the main gate you will receive your Waste Pack.

Each Waste Pack contains 3 colour-coded bags:
– A GREEN bag for Compost
– A YELLOW sack/ bag for Recycling
– A CLEAR bag for Landfill

Plus, a cigarette butts cylinder for smokers.

Each bag has detailed instructions (what goes in it) to explain what kind of waste it’s for. The waste packs also contain an information flyer with basic instructions and locations of the waste collection hub zone.

What you need to do:

Sort all of your rubbish you produce at the festival into one of the three colour-coded bin bags.

Once full, deliver all your bin bags to the Waste Collection Points in the campsites (marked clearly on the map) and your recycling bag to the either the waste collection bays or the Recycling Collection Point on the way out. We have plenty of spare bags at the Platypus Playhouse (our Waste Engagement Tent) so feel free to grab more if you run out.

If you’re unsure of what item of rubbish goes into which bin, please ask someone. It’s always better to put an item into the landfill bag rather than something that you’re unsure of into the recycling or compostable bag.

Remember that our volunteers monitor each and every bag that you hand in, so please do your best to ensure that rubbish is separated correctly. Please remember to empty and wash out any recyclable items before putting it into the designated bag.

What goes in the bags:

The green bag is for compostables
What goes in: Compostable stuff only. All food scraps and organic waste. Please ONLY put organic materials into this bag as all white epi bags are going straight into the compost.

The yellow bag is for recyclables
Think plastic, metals and cardboards/papers. Yoghurt tubs, drink containers, tin cans, cardboard boxes, just like at home. Look for the recycling triangle with the number 1-7 on your plastics, any item with that triangle goes in here.

The clear bag is for landfill
So everything that isn’t compostable and recyclable. Think bits of plastic film, toilet paper, shopping bags, polystyrene and party poppers. We hope there’s not too much of this, all things contaminated go in here.

Please be respectful of our beautiful heritage listed festival site and take everything you bring to make up your campsite with you, including mattresses, couches, inflatables, tents, chairs, you name it. Take it home.


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