Sub18 waste & recycling management protocol

Subsonic Music is putting a huge focus on tackling waste created at the festival this year as well as on overconsumption of unrecyclable items that can potentially damage the ecosystem surrounding our beloved grounds at Barrington Tops.

This year we are implementing a series of waste management protocols in order to tackle the waste created head-on and to create awareness about the impact waste has on our planet. We kindly ask for your cooperation.


Upon your arrival at the main gate, a group of volunteers will hand you a Waste Pack (1 per vehicle) and explain thoroughly how the system works.

Each Waste Pack contains 3 colour-coded bags:
– A GREEN bag for Compost
– A BLUE bag for Recycling
– A CLEAR bag for Landfill

Plus a cigarette butts cylinders for smokers.

Each garbage bag has a personal detailed flyer attached to explain what kind of waste it’s for. The waste packs also contain an Information Flyer as well as a map with instructions for and locations of the waste stations.


Sort all of your rubbish you produce at our festival into one of the three colour-coded bin bags.

Once full, deliver all your bin bags to the waste stations shown on the provided map. We have plenty of spare bags at the waste stations so feel free to grab more if you run out.

If you’re unsure of what item of rubbish goes into which bin, please ask someone. It’s always better to put an item into the landfill bag rather than something that you’re unsure of into the recycling or compostable bag.

Remember that our volunteers monitor each and every bag that you hand in, so please do your best to ensure that rubbish is separated correctly. Please remember to empty and wash out any recyclable items before putting it into the designated bag.


The WHITE EPI bag is for compostables
What goes in: Compostable stuff only. All food scraps and organic waste. Please ONLY put organic materials into this bag as all white epi bags are going straight into the compost.

The BLUE bag is for recyclables
Think plastic, metals and cardboards/papers. Yoghurt tubs, drink containers, tin cans, cardboard boxes, just like at home. Look for the recycling triangle with the number 1-7 on your plastics, any item with that triangle goes in here.

The CLEAR bag is for landfill
So everything that isn’t compostable and recyclable. Think bits of plastic film, toilet paper, shopping bags, polystyrene and party poppers. We hope there’s not too much of this, all things contaminated go here.

Please be respectful of our beautiful heritage listed festival site and take everything you bring to make up your campsite with you, including mattresses, couches, inflatables, tents, chairs, you name it.


We’re excited to be launching a brand new reusable cup system at our festival this year. Introducing these cups will make an incredibly positive impact on the day to day experience for our patrons and will stop more than 20,000 disposable cups from going to landfill this year, reducing the environmental impact from virgin materials, transport emissions and the impacts involved with the manufacture.

Your bar cups are made in New Zealand and washed post-festival at the Globelet facility in Sydney using recycled water and water-efficient machines. Our new cups are light on impact but sturdy enough for a three-day festival.

How our new bar cup system works in 3 easy steps.

1. The customer comes to the bar and pays a one-off $3 deposit for the cup plus the cost of the drink. Your cup
is worth $1 so hold on to it!

2. Return your Globelet cup back to the bar when you’re ready for your next round and receive a fresh clean cup
filled with your beverage of choice. As long as you get to the bar with a Globelet cup you only pay for the
cost of the drink you’re purchasing.

3. Leaving our festival? Either keep your cup as a memorabilia or return it to the bar and receive $1 per cup.
You can bring as many cups to the bar as you like so keep your eyes open for abandoned cups and make yourself
a few extra bucks whilst doing something good for the planet. 🙂


Led by the lovely Natalie Sharpe, the Waste Warriors will be a roving band of Minstrels and Performers who will roam the campsites educating our lovely patrons as to the correct way to dispose of their waste and administering a few spankings to any patrons who are not quite up to scratch…

Thank you so much for your help and see you on the dancefloor.
Much peace & love from the Subsonic Music Festival Crew

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