For three days every year, tucked away in a lush green valley amidst the picturesque backdrop of Australia’s Riverwood Downs is an underground music wonderland. Since December 2009, folks from across Australia and  the planet have come together in a bespoke celebration of music, art, friendship, and community. For one hot, sweaty, and absolutely unforgettable summer’s weekend we call it our home and celebrate our shared passions at an event which has amassed fame for its vision, dedication and world-class execution. This is Subsonic Music Festival.

Subsonic’s exponential success over the past 5 years paves the way for our 2014 installation. A collection of soon-to-be-announced international greats and cherished local champions ensures a curation of musical delights from every genre. The connoisseurs and afficianado’s can rest easy while the soon-to-be-initiated rub their hands together with glee. Lovers of hip-hop, house, world, jazz, funk, techno, bass and everything in between are all catered for in a diverse bespoke musical selection.

With decor and stages from Berlin’s famed Bachstelzen collective, visuals by Sydney’s own lighting elite Eyebyte visual, and the legendary Franchi’ brothers Pizza lab where eating and dancing goes hand-in-hand; Subsonic gathers a myriad of artisans who transcend the mundane. Markets, workshops and performances comprise the Subsonic Village, where the weird and wonderful meet and all can participate. Swim in the river, relax in a day-bed or enjoy the heritage listed Australia bush to keep your spirit spritely through an epic 72-hours of non-stop world-class music.

Caution: May open your mind.

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