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Subsonic Lifestyle Village

 Workshops, healings, arts, crafts & ambience


Subsonic Music attracts a breed of festival goers that many believe only to be a myth; a tolerant, considerate and caring community – 

– reads a Stoney Roads review for Subsonic Music Festival back in 2012. While that description not only holds true to this day, the festival ethos and ideology has crystallised. Now recognised as one of the best Australian music festivals, like a pearl nestled in the foothills of beautiful New South Wales bushland, within this weekender celebration lies Subsonic Lifestyle Village – a holistic immersive space providing a place of tranquility and tutelage amidst the surrounding hullabaloo.

With the festival now in it’s 8th year, Subsonic Lifestyle Village has grown to become multi-faceted. This is a space for families to enjoy, for creativity to bloom, to learn from each other and find that moment of inspiration you’ve been waiting for. Artisans have joined forces – Art Party, Awakening Healing and Bimbi Magical Sydney – to curate what is Subsonic Lifestyle Village 2016.

The village program, which runs alongside the festivals 72-hours of non-stop music, provides food for the brain in the form of educational workshops such as yoga, live painting, drumming workshops, and body movement. For the ears, Subsonic Lifestyle Village features a more relaxed form of aural entertainment, providing a smooth soundtrack of soul, jazz, acoustic, downtempo, ambient, spoken word and poetry. For the eyes it hosts performances from circus artists, fire dancers, and poi, to roaming performances and cinematic features. For the soul it hosts the Awakening Healing centre, providing reiki, kinesiology, massage, light healing, and more. And not only for the fully-fledged, Subsonic Lifestyle Village also holds a family segment, where face-painting, puppets and arts & crafts are just a few of the activities provided for the little ones.

Subsonic is doing a last call for teachers of the alternative kind to come and share their knowledge, and for healers to heal and help spirits soar. The application form can be filled out here by all who wish to contribute and join a growing community which is becoming world renowned.

Watch this space during the coming weeks for more information about the abundance of activities and events Subsonic Music Festival has to offer throughout the course of that sun-soaked weekend, this coming December.

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