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Luxury camping at Subsonic Music Festival

Welcome to Tent City


It’s a hot, sweaty day in early December in a gorgeous green valley at the foothills of one of New South Wales’ most beautiful national parks. On one side: the hustle, bustle and general hubbub of the Subsonic campsite, on the other, Riverwood Downs – a sprawling wooden complex resembling an elemental community country dwelling. In the distance a cacophony of music; the distant sound of 5 stages mixing with the chirping of cicadas gathered in the trees at the nearby river’s edge.

Sandwiched between these two constituents of Subsonic Music Festival is a haven of roomy pale tents. Each is filled with the furnishings one needs to be comfortable during a weekend of non-stop dancing and exploration. Some decadently so. Welcome to Tent City.

For some, the prospect of setting up one’s own camp, adorning it with comfort and eye-candy, and populating it with friends is one of the aspects of our festival that one looks forward to the most. For others with time constraints that a busy life in a busy city brings, it’s understandably bothersome. And while the ‘glamping’ culture is one we don’t necessarily consider compatible with our ethos of reconnecting with nature – sometimes it’s just… well. Really bloody nice.

Subsonic Music have partnered with Wow Tents to bring you a range of options – be it 2, 3, 4, or 5-star tiers – to make your festival venture a convenient stressless experience which makes the escape from the grind that much more complete. Imagine arriving at the festival, walking straight into your accommodation, throwing down your bags, donning some glitter and hitting up the party – just like that. Because let’s face it, we’d rather all your energy on the dance floor. Where it belongs.

So click here to take a peek at all of our accommodation options. And happy camping.

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