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Public Transport:
Details and bus departure times here

Do not use your GPS as it may take you the wrong way. To follow these directions is the best way to make it to the festival in minimum time!

Take the Sydney to Newcastle Expressway north and follow it right to its end. At the roundabout turn right and follow the “Pacific Highway 1” signs to Hexham and then left over the Hunter River bridge. Head North on the Pacific Highway. “CAUTION” – When you come to the Raymond Terrace roundabout IGNORE the sign that says Dungog Barrington Tops. Drive straight through the roundabout and continue along the Pacific Highway.

You will bypass Raymond Terrace, following the “Taree” signs. On the Pacific Highway 20 kms north of the Raymond Terrace Roundabout, turn left onto the “Bucketts Way” to Stroud (Gloucester & Barrington Tops). The turn off to “Riverwood Downs” is a left turn, 17 kms beyond Stroud. Do watch for the turn off, as it comes up rather quickly if you are travelling at highway speed. Then just follow the signs 8km in to Riverwood Downs. (Note: there is no need to go through “Newcastle” to get to Riverwood Downs.)

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