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Barrington Tops is World Heritage Listed and one of the many beautiful places Australia has to offer. Covering more than 95,000 hectares of unspoilt wilderness, this is a must-see destination with an almost mystical reputation. There’s sparkling streams, waterfalls, lush rainforest canopies, the call of the wilderness and much more.

In winter the landscape transforms into crisp, cold winter days or low cloud and mist reflecting on an ancient world. During snowfalls, Barrington Tops become shrouded in white as the forests and sub-alpine grasses capture the snowfall.

In summer the majestic Antarctic beech forests provides respite from the heat and temperatures are some ten degrees cooler than the valley. Adventure seekers can explore The Tops by hiking, mountain bike, trail bike, motorcross or 4WD.

Escaping does not mean “doing it tough”. Accommodation ranges from 4 ½ star and eco resorts to cabins, bed and breakfasts, caravans and camping.

The Barrington Tops will bring you a little closer to heaven and will make you want to come back again…. and again.


Local Business In Stroud & Stroud Road (20 mins from festival site):

Central Hotel Stroud (bar/ bottle shop + accommodation)
52 Cowper Street

Stroud Lucky 7 Supermarket/ General Store (near the pub on the main road)
Cowper Street

Stroud Rd Liquor & General store (2 mins after Stroud Town centre- closest to festival)
Fuel, Takeaway food, basic groceries, liquor etc

Stroud Golf Club
Licensed club and 9 hole golf course
Buckett’s Way

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