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Sustainability and the Future

At Subsonic Music Festival


Now in our 8th year, we at Subsonic Music Festival have an ever-increasing awareness of the impact created by our ever-growing gathering. Our mindfulness has spurred us into action with a few joint initiatives in ’16 set to cement our stance on resource management and environmental know-how. This consciousness and responsibility starts at the source, however not only does the onus fall to us to make changes in the way we do things, but on all whom attend our gathering.

Being mindful of absolutely everything that you can – be it cigarette butt disposal, using our public transport methods and carpooling, using the correct bins provided for different types of trash, to what packed items you bring and how you can cut down on the rubbish you create – minimises the impact of your stay on the Riverwood Downs. With a little thought, care, and extra planning, you can be the change we are hoping to see in all our attendees this year.

42BELOW have also come on board in ’16 to help us pave the way forward with our plan; sustainability is sky high on their agenda. Just having wrapped up the 42BELOW Cocktail Earth Cup which tests bar teams’ dedication to sustainable bar practices, their Kiwi brand of vodka is created with AA rated spring water then distilled and filtered more times than you can shake a muddling stick at.

Not only will they be our vodka supplier for Subsonic Music Festival 2016, but they’ve also created a whopping great solar powered charging station for us. The charging station is made from 100% recyclable materials which can be completely broken down after and recycled into paper. So if you’re running low on charge, just head to the giant solar powered battery to juice up anytime over the weekend. Because you definitely don’t want to miss out on capturing those memories you’ll cherish later.

The Subsonic Lifestyle Village will also be curating environmental education workshops over the course of the weekend which have a focus on paramount topics of our time such as climate change and activism. Be sure to check out the timetable that will be released in the coming weeks for more details, and get informed.

To analyse and improve our green initiative each year we’ve commissioned Sustainable Events to study and review performance across all areas of the festival with a view to implementing recommendations, both pre and post, in 2016. So to wrap all this up (or throw it on the compost): by working together and being conscious of our actions and the impact they have, we can ensure that Subsonic becomes one of Australia’s great sustainable events.

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