Muse Bespoke

The Muse Bespoke is a roving performance project designed to inspire participants by evoking a sense of mystery, magic, beauty, romance and wonder. I roam the festival site (in costume) offering individuals a ‘call to adventure’. These are uniquely designed cards that I hand out that contain creative imaginings that stir the soul. They serve as an invitation to playfully engage in any number of ways with various aspects of self, other people or the landscape during the festival.

Cherise Lily Nana is an interdisciplinary artist and muse. She has a particular interest in exploring themes of mystery, romance, magic and wonder. By using the dreamscape and whisperings of her heart as her guide, she seeks to inspire and move the soul through beauty. Her practice involves a curated process of weaving together tools from many different disciplines from the creative arts and design to deep ecology, mythology and transpersonal psychology.

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