Sonic Village


At the heart of our festival lies the Subsonic Lifestyle Village, a place where we celebrate life by joining hands with the community. This is an inclusive and safe space for creativity to bloom – it’s a place to learn from each other, and potentially find that moment of inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

Subsonic Lifestyle Village is collaborative production between artists, artisans, healers, musicians, and sharers of wisdom & knowledge. Running in tandem to Subsonic’s 72 non-stop hours of revelry, this co-operative place feature creative workshops, informative discussions, yoga, roving performers, busking, live jams, beautiful ambient productions, live art from Le Petit Bateau, and Bimbi Magical’s childrens’ space for the little ones to partake in the creativity.

Subsonic’s Lifestyle Village is also home to The Sonic Lounge, our most luxurious laid-back space. It delivers a smorgasbord of tasty down-tempo treats, all served up with a luscious menu of organic chai, coffee, and delicious eats, providing a nourishing chilled-out space to rest your weary legs before the next dancing session begins…

Village creators for 2019

For those who would like to participate in our creative village space in 2019, keep your eyes peeled on our socials for when we give the word on applications.

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