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Everything you need to know to ensure you and your crew have a great weekend.
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NO GLASS ALLOWED! The Subsonic Music Festival is a glass free event (this includes BYO camping). Subsonic Music reserves the right to confiscate food or drinks packaged in glass. You have been warned!

Subsonic Music Festival is a BYO event. You may bring alcohol as long as it is NOT IN GLASS and can be consumed in the camping areas of the festival ONLY.


You are not permitted to bring drinks from the camping area into the festival’s entertainment area. The festival entertainment area is licensed and law does not permit BYO in this licensed area. Bars are available in and around the stages of the entertainment area. ID will be required. Acceptable forms of ID include Drivers License, Proof of Age or  Passport. Standard RSA rules apply and RSA Marshalls as well as Festival Security will be on-site to ensure your safety. Excessive use of alcohol is not cool and will not be tolerated. Please drink responsibly folks.



There is no ATM onsite. Please bring cash, or use your eftpos or credit card to pop credit onto your cashless Sub-Ex wristband.



We are a cashless festival. The Subsonic Music Money Exchange, short Sub-Ex, system has been put in place to ensure that you can make purchases in the entertainment area without having to worry about cash or your wallet. Most importantly, there will be reduced need to wait in lines, and no need to count out coins for a beer as your friends get thirsty for your round!



When you arrive at the festival, your ticket will be swapped for a wristband which must remain on your wrist for the duration of the event. This wristband will act as your ‘digital wallet’ within the event site, as well as your ticket for remaining event days. You must not remove the wristband or your ticket will become void.


After entering the festival, you will be able to load currency onto your wristband using either cash, debit or credit card at our Sub-Ex location, or by debit or credit card at one of our 3 self-service top up locations.


Once you’ve topped up your wristband you can party, swim and dance around carefree. One single $3.80 AUD activation fee later and you’re ready to roll, swing, climb, walk and jump around until the cows come home.


All food, drinks and merchandise purchased at the event will need to be paid for using the simple, tap-and-go wristbands.


Can I use cash to pay for food and drinks if I haven’t uploaded anything to my wristband?


Subsonic Music Festival is a cashless festival. In other words, to buy food, drinks or merchandise at the event you will need to use funds that have been loaded to your tap-and-go wristband. Cash WILL NOT be accepted by vendors at the event.


What is a ‘cashless festival’? How does it work at the event?


When you arrive at the event, your ticket will be scanned and swapped for a wristband at the front gate. This wristband needs to remain on your wrist for duration of the event.


Once inside the event, you will be able to load funds onto your wristband using cash or credit/debit card. Look out for our Sub-Ex top up station, or one of our self service top up stations.


Once you have loaded funds onto your wristband you can visit any of the food, drink or merchandise vendors on-site. Let them know what you would like to purchase and they will scan your wristband in order to deduct the correct amount – and then it’s time to enjoy your purchase!


How do I know how much I have left on my wristband?


You can simply ask any vendor or top-up staff member to scan your wristband to see how much credit you have remaining. After each transaction, the vendor will also show you the balance you have remaining.


Is there a cost to me?


In order to make use of the awesome benefits that cashless provides (mainly shorter wait times at the bar for you!), a one-time activation fee of $3.80 will be deducted from your initial top-up.


So if you add $100 to your wristband the first time you top-up, you’ll have $96.80 left to spend. Each consecutive time you add funds to your wristband, 100% of the funds you add will be yours to spend at the bar!


Please also note that all card transactions will also incur a 1.2% surcharge.


What if I don’t spend everything on my wristband? Can I get a refund on what’s left over?


Yes you can! Make sure you hold onto your wristband after the event and head to http://bit.ly/Sub18_WristbandRefunds between 6th Dec 2018 – 19th Dec 2018* to claim your refund:


You will be required to create an account using your name, email address and phone number, as well as the RFID number printed on the back of your wristband. Once logged in, you will be able to access the CLAIM REFUND section where you can enter your banking details (BSB and account number).


Your refund will be processed back into your bank account within 14 working days.


Please note, if you have less than $5.00 remaining on your wristband, an online refund request will incur a $2.50 processing fee. There is no minimum for refunds at the festival site.


*Please note that the refund portal closes on the 19th of December, so please ensure you make your claim before then.



We’ll be offering an afternoon shuttle service on the Thursday & Friday of the festival from Newcastle Airport and Broadmeadow train station, as well as a return service to both on Monday morning and Monday afternoon. Tickets are available on the Buy Tickets page.



Gates Open Thursday morning 11am. Please don’t come earlier as you will be turned away! Thursday camping incurs a $50 surcharge per ticket holder (payable on entry or via the Buy Tickets page.); A small fee to ensure first pick at the best camping spots and also covers the cost of venue camping (outside festival hours) and patron safety and comfort provisions.  Camping is included in the ticket price for Friday, Saturday & Sunday only. Departure is required by 5pm Monday or further charges apply ($50 per ticket holder).

Camp only in designated areas. It really sucks to have to be told to move your campsite. If you are not sure please ask. If you are camping with a large group of people try to come at the same time, if you are a late arrival you may not be able to get your vehicles to where your friends are once a particular campground is full.
No Campfires allowed. Gas stoves are ok (unless in case of full fire ban).



Located next to the Info tent. In case of an emergency you may also ask security to contact First Aid. The best way to be safe is to TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. Look after your mates! If someone looks like they might require assistance, ask them if they need help. You will feel good plus you’d want someone to do the same for you. Bring sunscreen, warm clothes, a hat and some camping gear/ shelter to protect yourself from the elements. Security at Subsonic Music Festival are there to help you. Its not Kings-X. Be nice.



No generators or independent sound systems allowed. Subsonic Music reserves the right to confiscate power generation and/ or PA/ DJ equipment if deemed necessary for the comfort of other campers.



The possession, sale or use of illicit substances is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be removed from site and subject to Police action.  NO TOLERANCE!



Raymond Terrace Police will attend Subsonic Music Festival and will be there to assist in the case of emergency and to ensure your safety. Police will be stationed near the info tent. If you are in need of Police assistance and cannot locate the Police,  enquire at the info tent or with security. The Police have been attending Subsonic Music Festival since year dot. This is a friendly event, so please don’t be a dick –  that just makes it hard for all of us. DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES!



The town of Stroud is 25 minutes from the festival. Check the venue page to find local businesses for camping supplies, food, drinks and more. Please respect the local community. The locals have been kind enough to let us do this fabulous event in their area so please be respectful to them and the surrounding properties. Please do not go exploring outside of the festival grounds as it is out of bounds and you will be trespassing. Please be careful not to damage any of the beautiful Fauna and Flora when entering the festival site.



There is NO mobile phone reception at Subsonic Music Festival. Some folks get lucky with Telstra, but don’t count on it. Don’t worry you will thank us  later. Many people will not have reception from the moment you turn off of the Pacific Highway. So make your final calls to your boss, neighbour or goldfish well before you arrive and surrender to the peace.

There is 1 payphone on site located near the Kiosk.



If you want to leave the festival ground you will receive a token. To re-enter the grounds you will need to present your token AND your festival wristband. For your happiness we suggest you pay extra attention to not lose either. Do not remove your wristband. Anybody without a wristband will be asked to pay entry or asked to leave. If you are worried your wristband will fall off please head to our info tent where our amazing staff will help you fix it or will give you a new one. Do not drink and drive!



No animals are permitted on site. NO EXCEPTIONS. This will be enforced.



Shower tokens can be purchased for a small fee of 5 AUD. The shower block will be open during specified hours (check the festival program). Please respect the signage telling you when the shower blocks are closed.



Swimming is only allowed in the designated area. Swimming is prohibited at night. Please be careful, the river is full of beautiful but quite slippery rocks. No diving in the river…it’s too shallow! The river is for everyone to enjoy so please be respectful. Also, beware of laser tits and three-eyed Platypuses!  – – -{ – – -{



Vehicles may only be driven if you are entering or exiting the festival. No motorised transport including scooters, mopeds etc.

Bicycles come in pretty handy. If you have vehicle troubles such as getting bogged or are in need of a jump-start please ask your neighbours first before going to the info tent. Our friendly traffic crew will not be able to assist you until after the conclusion of the festival.

Alternatively you may contact NRMA Roadside Assistance. If you lose the keys to your car check the lost and found at the Info Tent and leave a report. The Subsonic team will NOT be able to help you open your vehicle by law. You will have to call NRMA Roadside Assistance.



Subsonic Music Festival is a celebration of life, nature, love and the arts.

Please be considerate to the environment. Riverwood Downs is a beautiful, heritage-listed national park site and we hope you will help us to keep it neat and tidy throughout the festival. At Subsonic we have the privilege of being situated on a river so lets respect that privilege and make sure waste stays off the ground and away from the water. Waste on the ground has a tendency to finds its way into our waterways. Big no no. Avoid streamers, tinsel, confetti and throwing around other messy, non-biodegradable stuff. A substantial amount of rubbish was left behind last year and incurred a large expense, which unfortunately gets passed on (think about it!). Garbage bags and personal ashtrays will be provided. Bins will be provided in all festival areas, so please do not litter. If you see litter, pick it up and bin it. Clean your campsite up when leaving the festival and be sure to leave your camp site how you found it.

Leave only footsteps, take only memories. Please <3




Every ticket holder must make a $10 cash waste deposit at the gates whereupon you will be given a $10 coupon and a recycling bag. At the waste collection points you may present a FULL recycled waste bag together with your coupon to receive your $10 refund.
 Waste collection refund points operate Sunday 12pm – 7pm. 
Recycling Bins will also be located in campsites. Please respect the signage and do not dispose of general waste in the recycling bins.


Free drinking water is available throughout the festival site at marked H2O locations. Keep an eye out for the blue flags. Bring containers and fill them up on-site. Bottled water will be available for purchase at the Bars and market stalls.



  1. This is an over 18’s event. Children (aged 0-12) are permitted but must be in the company of their parent or legal guardian AT ALL TIMES. Ticket holders must show ID at the entrance to the festival. Entry is forbidden for minors over the age of 12.
  2. A ticket admits 1 person only. Do not share your barcode with people or you may be denied entry.
  3. The right of admission is reserved. No ticket, No entry.
  4. Do not remove your wristband. Anybody without a wristband will be asked to pay entry or asked to leave. If you are worried your wristband will fall off, it can be replaced at the info tent.
  5. Check the website for all updates before travelling to the event.
  6.  Be sure to print the directions before driving to the festival site. You can find them by heading to the “Maps & Travel” page on this website.
  7. The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damages sustained while entering or on the site.
  8. Tickets are fully transferable and non-refundable.
  9. Subsonic Music reserves the right to publish any photos or videos of an individual across any form of media. By entering the festival, you agree to these terms.
  10. Subsonic Music Festival and the Venue Owner (Riverwood Downs) are providers of recreational services and activities as defined under the Civil Liability Act. You are warned, acknowledge and accept that The Venue is an inherently dangerous place that contains all manner of obstacles, risks and dangers, both known and unknown, natural and man-made which may result in loss or damage to your property, personal injury or even death. Knowing this to be the case, if you choose to come onto this property you do so at your own risk and to the extent permitted by law, you release and indemnify Subsonic Music Festival and Venue Owner (and its officers, employees, agents and contractors) from and against any claim or liability of any nature in relation to injury or death, from you or any third party which might arise from entry to, or the use of, The Venue by you and any accompanying persons and/or minors regardless of how the damage, injury or death is sustained or caused.

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Once you have registered as a Subsonic User, you will need to activate your account before you are able purchase memberships. An activation email will be sent to you (check your junk mail folder if you cannot see the email), so please remember to click on the link and activate your account before attempting to sign in for the first time.