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Yuli Fershtat (ISR) | Gabriel Moraes (BR)

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‘El Stompo’ Stage

Becoming one of the most anticipated sides of the festival, ‘El Stompo’ is an alluring point of difference in the musical offerings of Subsonic. Representing all things doof, the stage glides from progressive techno through psychedelic trance, with the Sunday afternoon glitch-hop/funk session being the cream atop this aural apple pie.

El Stompo 2019 is a mammoth collaborative effort, presented by stage design specialists Noisy Chicken, bush techno bandits Bassic Records and Melbourne psytrance outfit Tribeadelic. Running from midday Friday to midnight Sunday, El Stompo has a fresh flipside to the regular festivities, available at any time, tucked behind the trees by the river at the beautiful Riverwood Downs.

With a strong foot forward, El Stompo produces it’s biggest lineup so far, captained by international artists: papa of prog trance Perfect Stranger, minimal techno mogul Breger, psychedelic sorcerer Fabio Leal and progressive techno personage Gabriel Moraes.

El Stompo 2019 also features a Digital Structures showcase with Yuli Fershtat and EEEMUS, the fated return of Arketech, festival debut of funk machine Cheshire, progtech don John Baptiste, WA’s psytech star Kinimal, boisterous booty shakin’ duo Mood Swing & Chevy Bass, daytime vibes of Organic Distortion, OG psytrancer Ozzy, bouncy bush techno beast Rainbird, silky psychedelic sounds of Smilk, full power psy head Twilight, smooth sensations of Unseen Dimensions, alpha Afrikaburner Yeti and a huge array of locals from the entire east coast of Australia.

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