A rum in the sun with Madmotormiquel

We had a cheeky verbal tipple and philosophise with the renowned German dance music maestro and Sub17 headliner.




What have you been up to recently?

Summer in Europe means festival season and playing a lot.
Just came back from Garbicz festival and played shows and festivals from Egypt over Beirut, Amsterdam, England etc. I even managed to spend some time in the studio, so I just had 2 releases coming out andanother remix + full ep with my buddy Schlepp Geist will come out this year.


You’ve been at Subsonic a couple of times now, what’s so special about Subsonic that makes you want to come back?

I have been to subsonic only one time so far but it became definitely one of my favourite festivals in the world. I love the fact that it is not too big and I have so many friends from all over the world getting together at this lovely riverside.


Which artist are you especially looking forward to seeing this year?

Again for me this is more about friendships and also about the smaller artists not the headliners, especially the Australian DJs and live acts that became close friends and which music I really like a lot, like Marcotix, Kerry Wallace, Muska etc…. international artists I look forward to Rodriguez Jr, who was always one of my favourite artists and producers.


What does ‘nature’ mean to you?

EVERYTHING. I have a house outside of berlin where I have my studio and where I try to
spend as much time as possible, and on every tour I try to extend my stays by spending time in beautiful nature. Next to music and my daughter this is the biggest thing I care about.


Who (dead or alive) would you invite over for dinner and what would you cook?

To be honest I would prefer spending a beautiful dinner with my best friends who are still alive and I would love to cook a vegetarian asian rice noodle salad and lots of little side dishes.I love cooking, so it’s definitely hard to choose right now.


Name two essential items you take to a festival.

A good bottle of rum or whiskey and my havaianas.


Favourite character from your childhood and why?

Well i guess there are many, but let’s say Chewbacca because he was a true friend and f***** strong and sweet at the same time 🙂


What would you never do, no matter the price?

Join the army.


What do you doubt most?

I doubt the most the way we treat and lead the world.


What is the meaning of life?

OMG this is a question that might still not be solved.
For me it’s about being satisfied, happy, conscious, giving and taking, having fun, love, not exploiting, trusting, friends, living a peaceful life. not sure if I will ever find out what the real meaning is, and not sure if it’s really important to know 🙂




You can catch Madmotormiquel throwing down some serious grooves at our festival this year. Check our his artist page for mixes and more yummy bits.


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