Artist Announce #2 - Subsonic Music Festival 2017

After our first round-the-world recruitment trek for Sub17 we decamp yet again.



A Roll in the River with Fleur

We shoot the breeze with our 2017 festival theme concept artist.


Artist Announce #1 - Subsonic Music Festival 2017

Our first artist announce for the year brings you a little bit of everything, from all across the globe. And thus across the globe we travel…


Subsonic Music Festival 2017

Greetings travellers, and welcome to Subsonic Music Festival 2017. Where everything is everything, but not always as it seems.


Sustainability and the Future at Subsonic Music Festival

Now in our 8th year, we at Subsonic Music Festival have an ever-increasing awareness of the impact created by our ever-growing gathering. Our mindfulness has spurred us into action with a few joint initiatives...


Subsonic Music Festival Sound for '16

Ladies and gentlemen, this year on all 5 Subsonic stages, we bring you the fabled Funktion-One, and Vero on the Main Stage.


Luxury camping at Subsonic Music Festival

Welcome to Tent City.


Volunteering at Subsonic Music Festival

The creative collaboration which creates the platform for our celebration is no small feat, and many hands really do make light work...


Subsonic Lifestyle Village

Within this weekender celebration lies Subsonic Lifestyle Village - a holistic immersive space providing a place of tranquility and tutelage amidst the surrounding hullabaloo...


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