Tijuana Cartel

Live band - AU

From the Australian East Coast, to the venues of London, the metros of Paris and the clubs of Mumbai, India, Tijuana Cartel have been on a journey through musical styles, studying and absorbing the origins of music in a wide range of cultures.
Tijuana Cartel, introduce a somewhat intelligent and original sound to the ear, bringing flamenco guitar, slide guitar, MCs, percussion, and scratch DJs to the live forum and their list of nation wide shows and residencies proves just how well their beguiling sounds cross boundaries.
SPANISH guitars didn’t exactly go with funky beats the way fish go with chips, however the Tijuana Cartel are showing the world just how good the combo can sound.
Vocalist and lead guitarist Paul George’s flamenco strings slither over some tastefully broken beats, combined with Carey O’Sullivan’s primo electronic production, and rhythm guitar, have resulted in the bands two albums. First was a self-titled 2003 debut ep and their 2006 follow up album Frequent Flyers has evolved and is making a mark on the Australian and international music scene.
There live performance brings splashes of Middle Eastern vocals, lilting Moby-esque soundscapes, Flamenco guitar, electronic world beats supported by poetic social commentary by MC Hoskins.
Their onstage energy is thrilling audiences wherever they perform.
In an era where appropriation is worn almost like a badge of honour, this Gold Coast act buck the trend and continue to expand, experiment and draw influence from an ever-widening circle of world and club sounds.


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