Sustainability Earthcare and Political Change

A workshop for souls to collaborate for a flourishing planet

Our intention for the workshop is to create a collaborative space, a circle of people visioning together about how to create a world which is prosperous exists in harmony with nature and provides equally for all people. We would like to share some of the knowledge we have about sustainability and our experiences with solutions from around the world to the current environmental crises we see unfolding. Topics we would like to explore in the circle are permaculture, agroecology, natural farming, family homesteads and how these practices foster a deeper connection between ourselves and nature.

In this workshop we invite participants to co-create on solutions and think deeply about how we can organise peacefully and effectively amongst ourselves to create wider social and political changes for a flourishing planet. How can we in-act our spiritual desires of unity, love and caring for mother-earth into the wider circle of politics and use our power as creators to change the current system? We invite you along to learn, share and create; nursing the seeds of our collective dream with vitality and determination.

That’s a blurb about the theme and short information about the structure. We find that bringing people together in a circle, (opening up with some movement to get people into their bodies and harmonising together) is a really effective way to create a sense of equality amongst participants and facilitate a way for each person to be seen and heard. In the centre we will bring along some seeds and close the circle by offering one for each person to sow with the intention of creating a positive future for the planet. I’ve participated in the healing space at Subsonic in 2015 and Kemble gave a workshop on seed saving in 2014. We have a lot of our community participating this year and would love to offer a space for all people to talk and vision and learn from each other.

The atmosphere we like to create is one that is inviting and focused, which people leave feeling inspired with a sense that they can make changes in society and have a community of like-minded people they are a part of.


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