Seb Zito

Fuse London- UK

Since discovering electronic music in 1994 Seb has rolled with the punches and moved with the times during a journey that has required constant evolution. Like a lot of London’s youth, his first encounters with the burgeoning underground community came via pirate radio stations and garage raves such as Exposure, Sun City, and Garage City. These years of nights spent in clubs have been the integral factor in the natural affinity that he shares with the dancefloor. The ability to read a crowd, invite them into his psyche, and keep them enveloped in the journey is all based on his own experiences.

And it is this that allowed him to establish himself as one of the core residents for London and Ibiza’s successful FUSE event series. His place as one of the key proponents of FUSE’s distinctive warm dubby sound is also reflected in his productions.
In addition to his skills behind the wheels of steel, Seb’s involvement with the brand extends to A&R duties for the two labels. The ear for music that makes a dance floor hum proving to be a valuable asset in signing those future bombs to FUSE and inFUSE.


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